Farm Life

The Mollie Spencer Farm promotes the health, well-being and humane treatment of animals, while also providing a refuge for a few farm animals and natural occurring wildlife.

The Mollie Spencer Farm is home to two cows named Daisy Mae and Spike. Two donkeys, Jenny and Beaux, also call the farm home. We currently foster two rescue horses through Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue. Osa and Ruby are enjoying getting their bearings and are becoming more and more comfortably at home here at the Farm. Additionally, a number of sheep and several chickens call Mollie Spencer Farm home.

Additional and frequent “visitors” to the farm include deer, foxes, egrets, geese, ducks, and honeybees. Monarch butterflies also use the farm as a resting point during their migration in the fall.

Equine Program

Osa and Ruby joined the other animals at the Mollie Spencer Farm in June of 2018 by way of Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue in Jones, Oklahoma. Being foster horses, they are non-rideable horses, but they are adjusting to life at the farm very well and look forward to living the rest of their days in peaceful refuge. 

Osa came into Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue program in April 2017 via the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division as a cruelty case. Osa is a beautiful, Palomino, Quarter Horse, Mare and was estimated to be 16 years of age at the time of entering the rescue program.

When Osa entered the program, she was extremely emaciated with a body score of a 1, and was infested with external/internal parasites. After Osa was rehabbed, it was determined that Osa would only be a companion horse due to an old injury she previously had.

Osa has taken well to the Mollie Spencer Farm and to being a companion to her new friend, Ruby.

Ruby is a Sorrel and White, Paint Pony and was estimated to be 2 years of age at the time of entering the rescue program. Blaze’s was contacted after Ruby was attacked by dogs at her home in Lexington. A neighbor had taken Ruby into her care after she found Ruby attacked and roaming freely. Ruby came to the program with extensive injuries to her ears, mouth, and legs.  

Ruby is now completely healed and looks absolutely stunning. She has overcome so much in record time. Though her outer ear canals were severely damaged and unsalvageable, her inner ear canals were left undamaged, so she may be able to hear muffled sounds. 

Ruby sure is full of life and personality. She amazes everyone that meets her!


The Mollie Spencer Farm is home to two hives of Italian bees. Staff at the farm maintain the hives and extract the honey. They enjoy hosting students and showing them the bees’ way of life!